What a difference a day makes

I forgot to post this after I wrote it last week. Duh.

Old news but anyway, I'll share it cuz I took the time to write it.  I also finished up this week a piece for a friend who is getting married. I'll share it here:

Whew! Yesterday I became ill. It hit me out of nowhere and I ended up in urgent care.  I woke up at 5am with a weird neck ache, took some ibuprofin and went back to sleep.  Later, I got a 101.7 fever and chills, just couldn't get warm (it was 82 degrees here yesterday). Come to find out I have a lymph node infection. They put me on some meds that they give people who have been exposed to Anthrax (not the band).
I cannot remember the last time I felt that horrible. A day later, fever has been gone since last night and I feel better. Thankful!


Crystal said...

Glad you feel better.
I had an infection like that years ago.
I did a bride and groom for my son and daughter in law after they were married in the petit doll and mixed media style

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow that is very scary! So glad you are on your way to recovery!