Pool Party

The pool party was great, no hurricane left-overs were served. The following weekend, which was labor day I entertained family, went to the beach and had no time for art - but a great time with family. This weekend, was an all art extravaganza. I finished fat book pages for a swap as well as Dia De Los Muertos Danglies for a swap on Zetti Zoo. Pic will be posted here for your commenting pleasure.


Aunt Flo

My friend Mary Beth and I decided to have a Ladies only pool/art party. We have been planning the event with sunshine in mind, invited some of our artsy pals and all is well.

Then there's Aunt Fay.

Not the Aunt you normally would think of, but a hurricane which local weather forecasters are predicting might reach Michigan by the weekend. Now don't get me wrong - I'm NOT whining because we do need the rain, and when we get the tail end of a hurricane gone inland, the damages are not like they get in the South.

I just find irony in the fact that you invite a bunch of women to don their swim attire - and who shows up? Aunt Fay. She, like her sister Aunt Flo, sure knows how to spoil a pool party.

I hope she gets lost and cannot find her way here. I hope she fizzles out and doesn't get anyone wet - on the coast or inland.

I'll have to post the results soon! Let's hope local weather is wrong for a change.


Vacation, all I ever wanted.....

Yay! I am on vacation. One of those multiple journeys kinds, summer is always soooo busy for me.
We went Saturday to my God Daughter's bridal shower. So lovely, Kristen has turned out to be a beautiful and kind young woman. She is marrying a guy who seems to be the apple of her eye. I don't really know Paul, but I trust he is a good man. Her parents think so! The shower was beautiful too, her family did such a nice job.

Monday we went to Birch Run for some outlet shopping and a obligatory visit to Zehnders for chicken dinner! Yum! I haven't been there for 12 years to have the dinner and stroll around the town. Not much has changed except that the town has planted flowers EVERYWHERE and it is gorgeous. People are still friendly there, locals to the tourists. 4000 citizens, looks like somewhere I would love to call home.

I haven't done much art lately, I apologize for being out of it, but my muse went on vacation too.
When she returns, I promise to get busy and post some things.


Ramblings du'Jour

Artiscape was wowzer big fun. You gotta go - if you can next year.
I really enjoyed all of my classes, but most especially loved the Stamp Zia class where we made a mural in watercolor sprays and artistic soldering, only because I want to master this skill. (must remember that practice makes perfect).

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, mom is up to visit. My mom is a lovely woman. Everyone likes her. She has a big heart. I think her secret ambition is to shop for the world. (mine too.) We spent the day shopping, going to church and out to dinner. Then we watched Charlie Wilson's War. A very good movie about the war in Afghanistan. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys history presented in an entertaining way.


Going to Artiscape!

This week I am excitedly off to Artiscape, to learn, play and fellowship with other artists. Artiscape is a 3 day retreat which is being held in Sandusky Ohio, at the Kalahari resort and water park. Lions, tigers and bears.... Oh my!
My friend Puff has invited some of us to stay with her. I chose to take 6 classes, two each day. That is actually quite a lot - I remember being burned out the last time I went to an Art retreat. Oh well, it is a good kind of tired!
The thing that I am most looking forward to is the fellowship, meeting new people, seeing what other people are doing and trading ATC's, charms and pages. It's always inspiring to see what fellow creative-types are up to. We hope to hit some local shopping venues as well. I do hope that works out!
Maybe I will see you there.