Bad Blogger Lady...bad! Bad!

Ok, so I am not very good at jumping on here weekly and typing something worth reading. I rarely have a lot of down time and at the present I am stressing at work and avoiding the holidays like a bad hair day.

I admit that I keep myself very busy with random projects aimed at exploring my creativity and singing in the choir at church, but I am very excited to think about an upcoming week off from work where I plan to have at least 4 "me" days! Let's hope that works out.

The Crows and Ravens Fat book project is now behind me. Each artist contributed something very special to the book and it has become a real treasure. Most of the artists count it as a favorite, which makes me proud of all of us. A lot of work and love went into the project. I hope to post some pics very soon!

A shout out to my friend Emily who is coming home today after fighting and winning over breast cancer, her reconstruction surgery is over with. My friends The Reynold's who are praying that their little Cadon will have good news with the Dr's. My new nephew Wyatt Christopher, who was born October 26. Shout out to Holly who is due in January with her own baby girl and her husband Warren who is serving all of us in Iraq, My friend Peach who is looking for direction and new employment opportunities.

I hope all of you have a more focussed Christmas. Keep your eyes on Christ and you will be blessed!