Next Live Recording

I sing with a choir. We are a part of the Worship and Creative Arts dept. at my church, Resurrection Life. Friday Feb 20, at 7:00 p.m. will be a live recording of the next record we are involved with. You are welcome to attend this free event, learn more at www.reslife.org.

Ken Reynolds, who is our diversely talented worship leader at ResLife, has a record contract with Integrity Music and we will be performing his original music along with two other local churches. Both churches have played an important roll in Ken's upbringing and spiritual journey.
New Hope is where he grew up, and Madison Square church is where he first led worship. This will be Ken's second record on Integrity. His first (we also sang on that) has been doing very well internationally and some of his original music has been recorded by various artists around the globe. You can learn more about his music at www.kenreynolds.com. and about our mission at www.reslife.org. You can pick up the last cd, "Great Things" at your local record store.

The Reslife Worship Dept. also has a record out on Integrity which is also doing well all over the globe. In fact, we were sent a picture of our cd by a friend of Ken's, which was taken at the Tower Records in Tokyo! To God be the glory! Included on this project is Michael Gungor and his lovely wife Lisa, who also led worship at Reslife in the past. They are awesome artists and are known as Michael Gungor Band. If you like art, check out the work on their cd cover and website. I noticed on his My Space Page, they have a cool new song called "White Man". Check it out!


I've been hiding

I know I am remiss at being a frequent blogger. I've said that before. I have been dealing with some personal things which have made me not want to put myself out there in black and white.

For those of you who know me, you know how much my kitties mean to me. In September, we learned that our male cat Domino has cancer. The decision to not pursue treatment has been the right one, I feel. He is still with us but looks like he is wasting away even though he eats probably 3 times what he used to on most days.

Three days before Christmas, my female, my baby cat Lacey, became afflicted with a blood clot to her spine, which paralyzed her from the waste down. The Dr. assured us she was in a great deal of pain and there was only a 5% chance of her surviving this. We made the decision to put her down. It was all said and done within an hour and a half. I had hoped that Lacey would be with us to get us through the pain of losing Domino, but that was not to be.

I have had a hard time with the loss, and through the busyness of my job, holidays and the seasonal depressive disorder which Michigan has been thrusting upon us with full arctic regalia - I simply have been hibernating. I haven't done any art in weeks.

I look forward to getting myself back on track. For those of you who are childless, such as myself, you know how attached we get to our pets. Even if you have kids, you may feel the same way as I do. Nonetheless, God is good and each day seems to be a little easier.

I'm waiting for one more week, when I have vacation. I usually clean my studio every January, and this one is no different. I have already started the activity and have made enough of a dent in it that I believe I will have some art time too! Look for my first feature in a Somerset Publication, The new Somerset Apprentice. They have said that some of my ATC's will be featured. It is set to be released on March 1.