Studio Tour

A while back I promised pics of my studio area, which is usually in one of two states. Cluttered or severely organized. I hate to admit it, but my creativity flows best in a messy room. Go figure? But I am also forced to confess that I have an organizer living inside of me and it has to come out to play every now and then, or I'm just not happy.
So this is evidence that the organized Lori recently came out to play. Soon, I'm sure, she will be off on an extended vacation and Lil' Miss Messy will happily create herself into a big pile of precious papers.
 This is my fabulous and free desk. My hubby's company bought all new furniture and he was asked if I might want the reception desk. Ummmm...that was a hard decision! It was really a God thing, because we had already bought a desk for our office things which sits in the far right corner. When we got this desk home, it fit perfectly (no space left) right up against the existing desk. Not an inch to spare, but it worked! Score!
You can see where I've added in some storage blocks, rolling carts etc. I like them because they can be moved around as my organizing whim takes me. The one on the left contains finished projects and UFO's. The one on the right contains my dimensional embellishments, mailing supplies and a drawer of ribbons and yarns. (They are sorted by colors in baggies).
This is the area to the left of my desk, it houses my machines. Cuttlebugs, Xyrons, Zutter and Punchinator. I also have a cool ribbon rack and some XL rubber stamps stashed here.
 Next there is a closet. To the left of that sits this book case. It contains my bead and jewelry supplies, paper ephemera, assorted art papers, Canvases and sorted art supplies. I keep my paints in a glass case which I didn't include a picture of.
This cart contains my mounted rubber stamps. Most of them, anyway. I have a stamps in a lot of different bins and drawers, unmounteds are in a basket. Behind this is another bookcase, containing my Somerset Studio Magazines, books and my mist paints. Bins of fun things I've collected for assemblage work and some chotchkies. If you are wondering where the azure blue wall color decision came from, originally it was chosen to coordinate with a  lot of sports artwork which belongs to my husband, Matt. Slowly it has migrated away as my supplies have grown. Good thing for me he is cool with it.
Last but not least, we have my studio mascot, Congo. He usually pesters me while I work. The other day I put this cat cubby on this shelf, just for a few minutes while I was straightening. It usually sat on the floor. He wouldn't sit on it there, but now it's his favorite spot in the house. Cats! So much fun. Hope you enjoyed my mini tour.


Barb said...

very cool I think I need your inner Organizer at my house LOL

Dianne said...

Very cool place to work!! I loved seeing your cat in one of the pics too. I just posted some pics on my blog several days ago and invite you to take a look. Thanks for sharing.

Dschrader said...

Very nice space!

Val said...

Fabulous space - I wish mine was as organised.

Loved seeing Congo - I am a cat lover as well - he looks really well behaved but one of mine likes to clamber over everything!


Robyn said...

nice job- green eyes-
thanks for sharing

Lindart said...

Lovely space Lori! My space also usually looks like a tornado hit it, except for the once in awhile when I HAVE to clean it or I wouldn't be able to do anything! Love Congo on his perch. Cats like heights, so I'm not surprised its now his favorite place. I keep finding my cats in odd places too!

Suzanne said...

It looks so neat and clean. But what a wonderful space.

Cindy-Up In Northern Michigan said...

Hi from another Michigander and fellow ATT member.