Somerset Apprentice - I'm Published!

I was having a bad day, had just spent an hour on the phone with the phone company, (not getting my way, I might add...) My husband came home to find me dramatically compaining about this less than satisfactory experience when my eye hit the mail he had just brought in. A mysterious publication was lying there. I knew what it had to be, an advance copy of Somerset Apprentice, due to hit the newstands on March 1.
Somerset publishes a lot of wonderful art magazines, and it's always a pleasure and an inspiration for me to cruise through the pages filled with artistic eye candy. I'm excited to report that the article containing my artwork was in there! I had announced this same thing a year ago, but was then told the article had to be cut due to too much content. They generously advised that I would be in the next issue.
A 6 page spread with instructions on how to create the house ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) using a Teesha Moore stamp. I'm honored and thrilled. I feel encouraged now to submit more work. Who knows what's next? You can find their great publications at www.stampington.com

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ArtZhodgepodge said...

Congratulations. I was able to see your article today and it looks fabulous. So much fun. Deb P