Get Yourself "Gungored". Its' a Beautiful Thing!

I'll admit that I've been a fan of Michael Gungor, his wife Lisa and their original Band, Michael Gungor band for a long time. I was fortunate enough to be a miniscule, lowly, supporting cast member in the choir which worked behind Michael and Lisa while they served as Worship Leaders at Resurrection Life Church. It was always a blessing to bask in the light of their brilliance.
They return to Grand Rapids from time to time, and came last week to share the release of their newest Album "Beautiful Things" with the Grand Rapids community (who, by the way have never embraced them as they should have been, how about a little air-play,  GR area Christian Radio stations?)
Those of us who had the good sense to attend the amazing, intensely brilliant and spiritually mind-blowing event, - "Beautiful Things" were awestruck at the experience. I expected we'd be on our feet all the way through, swaying, hands-raised and worshiping along as they played and sang. Once the experience started (it's definitely an experience, not just a concert) the audience sat mesmerized as the songs were accompanied by spoken word, animation, photography, a trio of string instruments, and a wide variety of instruments, while diverse styles and moods emerged throughout the event.
I still struggle to find words to match how I really felt while being there. One word would be lucky. Another one, blessed. To see what is truly God-inspired brilliance, artistic talent and musical genius that is wrapped up in a band called Gungor.

While I admit that we miss them intensely, its wonderful that they have flown off to share their message of Christ's Love with the whole world. If you ever get to see them in person, don't miss it. I repeat... don't miss it. In the mean time, buy their cd "Beautiful Things". You can find them at www.gungormusic.com , I-Tunes or at any intelligent Christian Music store.

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