Olympics Fever!

My spouse loves the Olympics. Every two years, whether winter or spring, he is INto it. I'm not usually on the same page with him. I made a conscious decision to revel in them this year. It makes him happy, and it's been fun so far.
I really did go big this year, throwing an Olympics Opening Party for my friends from work. We all got medals, served "wintery foods" like Chili, Soup, cocoa...Which was fine except everyone preferred the munchies and other beverages. Not to worry, a good time was had by all and it helped me to become focused on Vancouver 2010.
I love watching the skaters. Most girls do. But this year, I am really into the snowboarding. Shaun White was amazing! It goes to show you that man really was meant to fly. Just not without the proper conditions, or equipment. The athletes make it look so easy. It's not.
Apolo Anton Ohno is also a joy to watch, and Shani Davis has all the skills. I was thrilled for Lindsay Vonn to win her gold. C'mon Ladies, join in the fun. Support team USA!

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