January - A Time to Organize

Each year, January rolls around and I get the urge to purge. Also to sort, reorganize and rethink how I can make my studio space more efficient for me. This year, I couldn't even wait til January. I started this two weeks before Christmas! This should tell you that it was really bad!
On Black Friday, I bought two organizing pieces, which motivated the early start for me.
I got a rolling storage cart from Joann's, which has been designated for my wood mounted rubber stamps.

Oh, if only they all would have fit! I sorted through them and have two boxes of stamps which I will be selling.  I was left with enough to fill one three drawer Iris box. Not too bad. Why can't I let go?
 The second item I bought was a Ribbon storage rack. Again, from Joann's. Love it! It's full! My sign that I can't buy anymore. Hmmmm.. will I obey my inner limiter?

My husband thinks that this room should be for whatever we need to hide for a while, so I had to start hauling things out. You know cleaning one room always forces all the others to be cleaned. Otherwise clutter just moves from room to room!
I have some things to use for my used craft sale piling up, but will need to go through more before I hold it. As soon as this is done, you will get to see the after pictures. Happy organizing, fellow pack-rats!

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