Dag Blame It!

Or some other colloquialism that means I wish I hadn’t… I just forgot about my blog again. And honestly, the last time I went to log in I forgot my password. So after all of that, here I am - back again. Since last post we have attended two weddings and two funerals. Matt’s dad passed away in March and his Aunt Mag passed away Aug. 1. Janine and Curt celebrated their nuptials in June and Amy and Robert in July.
This summer has been busy busy! We had two family reunions in August for my family and one In July for Matt’s – in honor of his Grandma Margarita’s 100th birthday!
I created a cool scrapbook in her honor, filled with pictures dating back to 1911! What a BIG life she has lived. Hat’s off to you Grandma Marge (or Marge Simpson as she is known). 
We went up North (or northern Mi for those of you who don’t inhabit the Great Lakes State) and visited friends Beth and Jeff. We also went to Frankenmuth and ended our journey in Rochester Hills, where I used to live. We met Linda (haven’t seen her in 15 years) for lunch. We got to visit with my grand-God child, who will be a year old in Sept.! Mackenzie, what a little doll! Her mom Kristen, dad Paul, Grandma Leslie and Grandpa Tom. We enjoyed a show of a tornado just missing our outdoor picnic by a couple of miles.
With all that business there has been little time for art, but lately I have found some. I made some fun wall art assemblages and collages. Will post some as soon as I get them photographed. Working on some Halloween art as well, tis the season after all. Love those black cats!

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