Aunt Flo

My friend Mary Beth and I decided to have a Ladies only pool/art party. We have been planning the event with sunshine in mind, invited some of our artsy pals and all is well.

Then there's Aunt Fay.

Not the Aunt you normally would think of, but a hurricane which local weather forecasters are predicting might reach Michigan by the weekend. Now don't get me wrong - I'm NOT whining because we do need the rain, and when we get the tail end of a hurricane gone inland, the damages are not like they get in the South.

I just find irony in the fact that you invite a bunch of women to don their swim attire - and who shows up? Aunt Fay. She, like her sister Aunt Flo, sure knows how to spoil a pool party.

I hope she gets lost and cannot find her way here. I hope she fizzles out and doesn't get anyone wet - on the coast or inland.

I'll have to post the results soon! Let's hope local weather is wrong for a change.

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