Vacation, all I ever wanted.....

Yay! I am on vacation. One of those multiple journeys kinds, summer is always soooo busy for me.
We went Saturday to my God Daughter's bridal shower. So lovely, Kristen has turned out to be a beautiful and kind young woman. She is marrying a guy who seems to be the apple of her eye. I don't really know Paul, but I trust he is a good man. Her parents think so! The shower was beautiful too, her family did such a nice job.

Monday we went to Birch Run for some outlet shopping and a obligatory visit to Zehnders for chicken dinner! Yum! I haven't been there for 12 years to have the dinner and stroll around the town. Not much has changed except that the town has planted flowers EVERYWHERE and it is gorgeous. People are still friendly there, locals to the tourists. 4000 citizens, looks like somewhere I would love to call home.

I haven't done much art lately, I apologize for being out of it, but my muse went on vacation too.
When she returns, I promise to get busy and post some things.

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