Class Reunion

Last weekend I attended my class reunion. I'll let you guess what year it was.
I had so much fun seeing my old classmates, too bad more people didn't attend. My closest friends did this time. (most, anyway) I have to admit that after the last reunion I was never going again. This one faired better for me, but I decided I was going to make a bigger effort to talk to people.

It's funny...10 years ago an old friend named Jeff acted like I was an unknown entity. This time he was very warm, chatty and kind.

For me the fun is in seeing how everyone has changed, or in some cases not changed. Talking to them was just a bonus. I never got too in depth with anyone. I felt like all everyone wanted to know was, where do you live? What do you do? Do you have any kids? Pretty surface stuff. I don't think people want to take the time anymore to get to know one another.
I think it's pretty great how the artsy-online communities do take the time to get to know one another through blogs and online groups. A great medium for people to connect and dig a little deeper into the who behind the eyes.

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