A Blog by any other name

I was certain I would not have the time to do a blog. In fact, I was convinced that spending time creating one was going to take away from my art time. The time in my busy schedule that I covet the most. In fact, why would anyone who spends 9 hours a day already in front of a computer want to spend anymore time doing that when you could be doing ANYTHING else?

I'm starting to realize that if I want to market my art in any way, shape or form - a blogging I must go. Besides, right now I am in a creative lull. My studio space is screaming for me to organize again, so in defiance I am doing this instead.

I'm planning to use this place to express myself, share my latest creations and connect with those who have a similar bent. Eventually I will market my work again and this may be a helpful resource. Welcome to my blog. Maybe next time I will say something interesting!

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