Crazy Times

This last month has been a bit stressful. I got the news near the end of September that my mammogram came back suspicious. Off to the hospital for a re-check, where the radiologist confirmed that there was “something there” called calcifications. I would need to have a biopsy on my left breast. 85% of them are not cancer, but because mammography can find things so small nowadays, it’s best to get things checked.
My first instinct is always to pray, and to rally the teams of prayer warriors in my life. I believe strongly in the power of prayer and I’m not shy about asking for it. It works! Even when an answer to prayer is not necessarily one you were hoping for, you will find in the asking so many doors open. God uses us to counsel one another and bless each other with our experience and wisdom.
I am fortunate to have an amazing church family who is super supportive. Family and friends who are good to me, caring and full of love.
So off to the Lemmen Holton Cancer Center I go, to meet with Dr. Melnik, Oncologist.  Dr. Melnik decides to biopsy both breasts, the radiologist saw something on each side but only one was suspicious. I agreed. Why go through it all again if you don’t have to.
 Ladies:, I’m here to tell you that even if the THOUGHT of having a biopsy is scary, it was not as bad as one would think. Aside from climbing onto a  table which resembled a giant toilet hole from a third world country, the actual procedure, (once numbed up) was painless. Even the numbing with Lidocaine was less painful than Novacaine administered at the dentist. Once I realized that it was not hurting me, I relaxed and joked through the procedure. (Those poor woman at the Betty Ford Breast clinic must think I am a goof)
Being told that you might have breast cancer during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” has not been easy. While it’s awesome to see how much support there is for the charitable side of things, I could not pick up a pizza ad without  being reminded I might have breast cancer. Pink garbage cans on the curb stand out like a flashing light – look at me! You might want one for your house too!
Even knowing that strong faith is the best coping mechanism I have, I admit to letting the final outcome get to me. The day I was supposed  to “know” came and my usual calm and cool self started to melt down. After crying in front of a co-worker, being assured it’s ok, normal and human to feel  this way, I still have a hard time not believing I should be STRONG enough to handle this. Of course, not alone, only with God’s help. Thankfully, it was benign, simply “fibronomotoid” due to being a woman over 50. I give  God the Glory for the things he has done.If you ever need prayer, please ask me. I'd love to support you in that.

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